We’re Moving. Help Needed.
This Friday is the last day of the school term so the school needs to ensure essential things needed for running classes from day one next term (Monday 25th July) are moved such as desk and chairs. On Friday, we need trailers and drivers who can help us anytime after 11.15am. As rain is predicted tarpaulins would also be useful and tie down ropes etc will also help. Even if you can’t stay and drive, leaving your trailer in an accessible spot at the school will help so that it can be packed while another trailer is taken to the new school.

It would be excellent if all the furniture is relocated on this one day but that will depend on how much support we get. Relocation The classrooms now have sinks and benches, the kindergarten kitchens are half complete, the floors have been sealed and the final painting is complete. Our plumber has almost finished so soon the toilets with flush and drinking water will flow. The tanks are being filled with all this lovely rain and our roadworks, despite the rain will soon be complete.

During the holidays, starting this Saturday much help is needed.
Please pick three or four days out of the three week break and:
1)    Sign up on the notice board or;
2)    Send Marijanna an email at marijanna@live.com.au or call/text her on 0412 298 994.

There is a range of tasks big and small that need your support. Also, please check your email. We may do some shout outs for a flash mob of workers to do one particular job. We especially need an experienced person who can manage some concreting/mortaring. If anyone knows a source of quality, shredded Kikuri grass, please let the relocation committee know via Marijanna.

The following days will not be appropriate to bring children on site as Prisoners from Woorooloo will be assisting in site works: 7th, 20th and 22nd July.

First Day Next Term (Monday 25th July)
After bell time at 8.30am, for all of Kindergarten and Primary children, a small departure ceremony will occur on our current school site and then as a school we will walk to the new school site together where we will have a short welcoming ceremony before starting classes. Parents are most welcome to join us and then come back and get their cars. End of day pick up will obviously be at the new school site (695 Roland Road, Parkerville).

For the primary school, finishing time this Friday is 3.15pm as usual.

May you have a very safe and happy winter break with your children.

Bruce Lee
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