Last Saturday, the verandahs outside all the classrooms and playgroup were finished. The school is indebted to the hard work by a number of parents for these additions to our buildings. The extra 50m2 undercover space that the verandahs provide will be used by classes for a multitude of purposes and will also be a source of shade in the summer heat. Carpentry work was done by parents Ben Avery, Peter Ballard and Josh Oosterhoff while the roof sheeting was completed by parent Brad Moore. A team of helpers were also involved including some prisoners from Wooroloo. They were designed and checked off by engineer David Lavell who has been very supportive of our school. We hope the verandahs are appreciated for their functionality as well as their attractive bush poles. The roof woodwork needs painting to complete and protect them. Any takers???

The school registration documents were provided to the Department of Education (DES) on Tuesday. These 5 thick files cover every aspect of the school’s operation from finance to curriculum to water safety policy. Having been given a ‘gold star’ for our curriculum and policies last year, we expect the visit by the DES consultants to also be pleased with our stronger financial position and the new school facilities.

Information Sessions

Information about upcoming talks providing an Introduction to Steiner Education here at the school as well as a Steiner High School information session being held at Perth Waldorf School are in this edition of the newsletter. I urge you to consider attending either of these events or inviting others who may want more information.

Finally, a big thank you to Peter Grant for all his levelling work with the new Primary School paths. Our sloping site does not lend itself easily to path construction that is wheelchair accessible but Peter has worked his magic and numerous parents have helped to lay the paths. Everyone applauds your wonderful work!

“Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture.”
– Kak Sri

Bruce Lee

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