In the last week, a lot of completion work was done on our new site. The kindergarten areas now have a large area of grass. Mulch has been placed around the classrooms and kindergarten, sheds have been placed on flat pads and trees and plants are being planted. The school is looking more and more attractive and comments about the tranquilly and beauty of the school are being heard and echoed around our place in the Hills.

Thank you to all the volunteers who have given so much. The children will benefit so much! A hardy group of parents and their children even had a sleepover last Saturday night after a campfire and sing-a-long. Their tired bones were given rest.

This week the Class 1 children presented the class play “Children of the Spring”. This play was written by their class teacher, Anna and was beautifully and simply presented. A real treat. Well done to all of you.

There is planting going on around the school including all the donated plants and trees. Please check the notices in this week’s newsletter and see if you can lend a hand when required.

Enjoy the sun shine.

Bruce Lee
School Administrator

Please read: PDFicon 07/09/2011 Silver Leaves Edition 256