Class 12 Project Presentations
In this edition of Silver Leaves, there is information about the presentation of the Class 12 projects at the Perth Waldorf School in Bibra Lake. In many ways, the Steiner high school curriculum is the cream on the cake after the foundations are laid during the kindergarten and primary school journey. So it is well worth trying to attend a few of the project presentations to get a glimpse of the quality of the high school graduate. Having witnessed these students from afar over the last 7 years, I never fail to be impressed with their grounded nature and mature manner. The lack of cynicism and the confidence they exude is a welcome surprise. A majority of them have been together since kindergarten and now at eighteen years of age they are an inspiring testament to a full Steiner education. Worth a peek.

Eurythmy at Silver Tree
In term 4, the school welcomes back Eurythmy into the curriculum. We are fortunate to be welcoming Nicole Peterson who has trained in the USA and is relocating back to Perth. Eurythmy is a form of stylised movement and dance that is taught in Steiner schools around the world. For Silver Tree, the lack of an available teacher has hampered our ability to offer this aspect of the curriculum so this is a very good opportunity. A plan is afoot to offer a parent class in the hour before pick-up. More details soon.

Steiner Schools’ Day
The Steiner Schools’ Day (Friday 30th September), to be hosted by Silver Tree, will welcome about 90 people from the other 4 schools in WA. Parents and guardians along with their children are welcome to join the event at 3.30pm when Horst and Jennifer Kornberger will give a practical explanation of mixing a biodynamic preparation (a rare treat) which will then be sprayed over our land. Following that, we will be doing a dance of universal peace and having a meal around a campfire. Please try to come and enjoy the evening.

We are desperately in need of jaffle irons for the shared meal. Bring them along or leave them at the office, well labeled.

Bruce Lee
School Administrator

Please read: PDFicon 21/09/2011 Silver Leaves Edition 258