Please read full version here: PDFicon 28/09/2011 Silver Leaves Edition 259

From the Administrator
It is now a term since we moved from the old school onto our new land and into our new buildings. What a busy time it has been. So much has been done even in these 10 weeks. Paths have been constructed, verandahs completed, fencing erected, trees and plants planted, more grass laid, kindergarten playgrounds established and of course we now have a yurt which can be used for a myriad of activities including music and string lessons, eurythmy, learning support and extra lesson. The voluntary hours that have gone into all this good work, as we establish ourselves is incredible and deserving of so much gratitude. We are enveloped in goodwill and a generosity of spirit.

Over the holidays we expect to see the paths finished and the roads sealed. Helpful prisoners from Wooroloo prison will be on site next week from Monday to Thursday to help Peter Grant and others with the laying of more concrete paths. Donations of cakes for their morning tea are welcome. Please contact Sherry, our P&F president who is coordinating that, or just bring something up around 10.30am on any of those days. Nothing will go wasted. Sherry’s email is sheznpauly@iinet.net.au

WA Steiner Schools’ Day
This Friday Silver Tree welcomes staff from the other 5 Steiner schools in WA. It is a wonderful opportunity to gather, look one another in the eye and share our journeys. The keynote speaker, Andrew Hill, from Glenaeon Steiner School in Sydney will also be holding a workshop over the weekend. The task of staff and all who participate in Steiner education is to strive in their work to promote enlightened human values. This often comes out of deep concern for our social future. So it is always very nourishing to gather and hear the very special work that is being done to that end.

At 3.30pm, a talk on Biodynamic preparation and spraying of the land will take place followed by a campfire meal and dance. Members of our community and their children are welcome to join in with this. (See more information in this newsletter.)

Enjoy the holidays with your children and family.

Bruce Lee
School Administrator