Please read full version here: PDFicon 17/10/2011 Silver Leaves Edition 260

It was a delight to see the children skip, walk and run the path to their classrooms and kindergarten on the first day of term. There was a sense of quiet excitement in the air for teachers and students alike, ready for the new lessons and experiences to come. The sun shone and the cubbies once again came to life with children at play.

On this same day, Tracey Puckeridge, CEO, Steiner Education Australia, visited our school in the afternoon. Tracey is in WA to visit all five Steiner Schools over 10 days and will be present at the Class 12 Independent Presentations being held Wednesday to Friday this week at Perth Waldorf School. Tracey walked the school grounds photographing and commenting on the layout and design, plants, buildings and the cubbies. She was most impressed!

Meeting with the teachers in the afternoon, Tracy took questions from staff and spoke on a variety of issues from the current position of the Australian Steiner Curriculum and its placement with ACARA, the aspects of the new Federal Early Learning Curriculum, the International Teachers Conference in Dornach, April 2012 and the Australian Teachers Conference in July, 2012. We became aware of 5 new Steiner initiatives in NSW, recent articles and other media relating to education. Tracey then spent time with Hayley discussing aspects of marketing and SEA’s new venture into some forms of social media. It was a great afternoon for our school and we wished Tracy well on her travels around WA.

Our new Eurythmy teacher Nicole met the teachers and students on Monday and spent time with Rebecca planning the classes which will begin next week. Her smile and enthusiasm is wonderful to experience. This is a very exciting beginning for our school to have Eurythmy and I’m sure the Christmas Festival will have a special quality to it this year.

Special Music Note. The Darlington Arts Festival, Sunday 6th /7th – STSS will be performing on stage from 11.00am and children will need to be in attendance from 10.30 onwards. This is a compulsory event for all primary children.

As you know, Bruce is on his holidays and will return Nov 7th. It is a pleasure to be here at the school for Bruce in a part time capacity while he is away. I look forward to being back at the school again next week on Wed and Thurs. I am available to meet over the next three weeks and best contact is through Jay in the office.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you,

Vivienne Howson