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“Waldorf students are encouraged to live with self-assurance, a reverence for life and a sense of service.”
Ernest Boyer, President, Carnegie Institute for the Advancement of Teaching, Former U.S. Commissioner of Education

It was a pleasure and privilege to bear witness to the efforts of several students at PWS in their Class 12 Projects at PWS. I only wish I could have stayed for them all. The students displayed a sense of self-assurance as they graced the stage in the new hall and spoke of their chosen interest over the past year. Some students focused on the bigger picture of their work and others shared with us the detail. We heard of their struggles, their joy, and their new found knowledge and saw their confidence in speaking with a large audience including most of the teachers at the school. All students spoke warmly of the support from their teachers and their peers. In time it will be the students of STSS and this will be a great event for all. If you were unable to be present this year, I urge you to visit next year and see the journey your child will be embarking on in years to come.

“Because my professional life focuses largely on preparing people for teacher education programs, I am particularly aware of how our work compares with that of Waldorf teacher training programs. I have been fascinated to observe how many of the educational theories and goals espoused by my colleagues in teacher education directly correlate with long-established tenets of Waldorf teacher training . . . For the past ten years my teaching responsibilities have compelled me to inform myself not just about what would-be teachers need to learn, but also about how and what children themselves need to learn. All of my instructionally-related research into childhood has pointed toward the superiority of Waldorf education over all other current educational methods.”
Jane W. Hipolito, Ph.D., Professor of English and Adjunct Professor of Liberal Studies, California State University, Fullerton

From this comment I am reminded of the ways in which the teachers here at Silver Tree show no boundaries in their endeavour to teach our young children with the care, respect and knowledge they have in providing the education our young children deserve.

I am wondering if any of you have ever thought of becoming a Steiner teacher and only encourage you to consider the Teacher Training course offered here in WA at the Rudolf Steiner College Perth. In 2012, Mark Phillips currently teaching at PWS (at teacher with 28 years of teaching experience) will take the role of coordinator in this position and along with the talented, experienced and inspiring professional tutors in the programme, will be offering courses: Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy, Steiner Teacher Training and Early Childhood Teacher Training and Waldorf Education for Parents. Please check the website for more details. http://rudolfsteinercollege.com.au/

I would like to thank Jay, Karen, the teachers and parents who have so warmly greeted me here at STSS. I would also like to thank Hayley who has been researching articles that comment on Steiner Education from around the world and has collated a broad selection of informative work. We would like to share these with you over the next few weeks. The first story looks at the new Forest Kindergarten in Saratoga Springs, America.


Kind regards,
Vivienne Howson