Please read full version here: PDFicon 09/11/2011 Silver Leaves Edition 263

Many thanks are owed to Vivienne Howson for stepping in while I was driving around Australia with the family. Vivienne has been involved in Steiner education for many, many years and was able to conduct a number of staff appraisals while she was here. These appraisals are a regular feature of Steiner schools to ensure there is appropriate oversight and staff are supported on their teaching journey. The feedback the teachers and school will receive from such an experienced educator is very, very helpful. Thank you, Vivienne.

It was a surprise to come back and see the amount of work that had been done on paths, roads and landscaping. Thank you to all those people who continue to make such grand contributions of time and energy to the children’s school. If not for you…..

The school has recently been able to ensure Marijanna, our hard working maintenance and OH&S officer is now receiving a fortnightly gratuity for all her work. It will not cover all the hours she gives at the school but we hope it in some way recognises the importance and value of her work at our school.

Reports about the Darlington Arts Festival have been glowing. The items of music and dance presented by the students were excellent. The contribution of so many people to make the weekend successful in representing Silver Tree cannot be underestimated. In speaking with an outside contractor who sees all the effort our parents and staff make, she remarked that “it doesn’t happen where I come from!”

It is with regret that I inform the community that Jay Crisp Crow our super efficient registrar and office expert has resigned to take up another position. Jay has been at the school for a number of years and has been a huge contributor as both a volunteer parent and member of our staff. For many people, their first contact with the school will have been through Jay and I am often told that her welcoming, informative manner was pivotal in their continued interest in enrolling their child at the school.

Jay’s last day at the school will be next Wednesday, 16th November, 2011. Jay’s smooth management of an often hectic office will be missed.

Bruce Lee
School Administrator